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9 Lug 2015
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Benja_Taylor è stato visto:
9 Lug 2015
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    Home page:
    Ableton Live & Logic Pro
    Genere musicale:
    Techno House
    Virtual Instruments:
    Waves & NI
    When in respect of human relationships we makes use of harmony, rhythm, and intimate understanding of the other,
    this is how to make music (cit. Plato).
    In this philosophical concept take life my conception of music: music is art, exploration, experimentation and between the various forms of arts is the most evolved. Too bad that did not exist at Schopenhouer's times the computer because otherwise he would have written in his texts that the most evolved form of art is music, and between his genres , the electronic music: this is not only art, but it's made with virtual instruments, so basically the sounds are pure human invention, are sounds that don't exist in nature and this, gives it the charm that makes the music special.

    Benjamin Taylor
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