Circlens003: Møhr_Inside The Atom EP

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    13 Set 2012
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    Circlens comes to its third release, Inside The Atom EP, produced by Møhr, a quite young Italian project with an EP released on Curle Recordings behind him. The EP consists of 3 original tracks and a remix by My Flower, who have first released on the label. The first track, “Inside the Atom”, is a match of percussions, strong bassline and a bit of acid, although the serious touch of the producer is definitely not missing. Radial is a solemn journey. A floating melody and a religious pad join a very solid structure made of heavy percussions. Finally “Lope”, certainly the most dance floor friendly out of the three. A redundant melody and an obscure pad meet a very groovy drum. Well known My Flower, eventually, takes Radial to a rave level, giving new consistency to the percussions and an even more intriguing theme.
    19 Mag 2017